Strapping Techniques

Strapping can be a very effective short term solution for help in obtaining better alignment / movement, reducing stress to the area, reducing pain, allowing for the area to start healing and also help in distinguishing a more beneficial long term solution to the underlying cause (i.e. orthotic therapy).

Despite the benefits of the above, I am not a big fan of strapping on the whole as it can be rather difficult to apply to one's self, it doesn't last too long and some may get an allergic reaction to the sticky material of the strapping tape. However, the following two techniques are very effective and relatively easy to apply (albeit a bit fiddly for some).

I have had countless success with the Low Dye technique (foot) & Patella technique (knee) strapping methods. Particularly the Low Dye technique for foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis - arch / heel pain, big toe and mid foot pain. The Low Dye technique prevents the arch / mid foot from dropping (lowering too much) thus allowing for better foot posture and function.

- The type of tape needed should be that of a good quality sports strapping tape and should ideally be about 4-5 cm in width.


- Instructions for both the Low Dye technique & Patella technique strapping methods are found in the above links or under the "Strapping Techniques" subheadings to the left: