Cost Of Services

For specific costs of services, please contact Back On Track Podiatry as there are various forms of treatment which require different therapy and varying treatment time periods.

• However, for a general guide, the following information serves as a guide for the main services (as of time of writing):


♦ General treatment: for the treatment of general foot conditions such as the removal of painful callus, corns and ingrown nails etc... Length of service: usually 30 - 45min. Cost: $70 - $80.

[This clinic does not remove nail polish – some treatments are best carried out without nail polish (i.e. drilling/thinning down nails) – if these treatments are required, then please remove nail polish before attending]

Biomechanical Assessment: for the treatment of movement related injuries associated with walking, running / sports activities etc... Length of service: usually 60min. Cost: $95 - $110.

Orthotics: for the treatment of adverse biomechanics (adverse structural / movement issues).
- Type: Thermo Molded Orthotics (semi-custom). Cost: $130 - $140.
- Type: Functional Foot Orthoses (Custom - mold / impression taken of foot). Cost: $390 - $410.

Nail Surgery: for the permanent removal of a problematic side of nail or whole nail... Length of service: usually between 60 - 90min. Cost: $250 - $300.

• The following payment options are available:

• All of the procedures are covered by Private Health Cover; however, reimbursement will depend on the insurer and the level of plan you have chosen.

is available for on the spot claims from your health fund:

- HICAPS are in association with the following Health Funds (list in progress)...


 - Medicare rebates are also available if a set medical criterion (i.e. diabetes) is met (assessed by a General Practitioner). An appropriate G.P Medicare referral form is needed for this to take place.

 - Podiatry services can also be claimed by individuals who are covered by Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). An appropriate G.P DVA referral form is needed for this to take place.